Embracing Connections at Druid and DrupalCamp 2023
Sabina Halkic

Embracing Connections at Druid and DrupalCamp 2023

It has been over a year now since I started working together with Druid. Little did I know that this partnership would take me on a trip from my hometown of Ljubljana to the vibrant city of Helsinki, where I met my colleagues from Druid in person for the first time and attended the highly anticipated DrupalCamp Finland 2023. The experience was nothing short of transformative, allowing me to deepen relationships, expand my professional network, and immerse myself in the vibrant world of Drupal.

Feeling the Druid Spirit

Meeting colleagues from Druid for the first time face-to-face was an exciting experience. While we have been working together for quite some time, it was a unique experience to finally meet each other in person. We had built a strong professional relationship, but meeting in person helped to build a more personal connection that goes beyond just work. My Finnish colleagues were all friendly, accommodating and hospitable. They all made me feel very welcome.

Druid’s laid-back spirit was embodied at the office. The working environment was nice and I loved seeing the physical space that houses all the Druids. The office “no shoe” policy was awesome and there was also a cosy room filled with soft cushions, designed to provide a relaxing environment for employees to unwind and destress.

Finnish Cultural Experience

After work, my colleagues took me on a tour of the city centre. We did some sightseeing and we visited some of the top tourist attractions. My favourite was the Ferris wheel where one of the cabins was a sauna. That stood out and I remembered that I was told how much Finnish people love to go to the sauna.

I also had the pleasure of sampling some of the local cuisine, such as munkki and tippaleipä. Munkki’s sweet and fluffy texture was a true delight, while tippaleipä, though its appearance resembled a tangle of threads, surprised me by being also tasty.

DrupalCamp 2023 – A Meeting of Minds

The next day, I attended Drupal Camp Finland, which was an incredible opportunity to learn more about Drupal and meet fellow Drupalists. The event was packed with interesting presentations, and I gained new valuable insights into the field.

I also participated in the after-party – where there was of course a sauna. We were talking about the differences between Finnish and Swedish and I made some comparisons from Slovenia. My colleagues also told me how it is to live in Finland, the different cities and dialects. 

After the first after-party, we had a second after-party where we went to have some drinks. I saw some busy Helsinki nightlife and truly enjoyed myself. 

Until We Meet Again

In this age of digital communication, where virtual interactions have become the norm, there’s something uniquely special about meeting colleagues face-to-face and connecting with like-minded individuals. Thus, I am grateful for this experience. 

Finland, its culture as well as its people were unique and fascinating. I left with a greater appreciation for the country. I gained a lot of knowledge from Drupal Camp Finland, and I was able to experience a new culture and meet my colleagues. I hope to visit again soon and experience more of what Finland has to offer.


Sabina Halkic

Back end developer