Our services

We get off on designing and implementing digital solutions that help our clients’ businesses win. We keep things on budget, on time and involve customers in development, so they get to enjoy the journey – and the results.

Technology consulting

When you carefully manage digitization you can lower costs and increase revenue. We act as the interpreter between our customer’s business and the technological world. We help find the right processes to digitize and the best technical solutions. One of our most popular consulting services is the Discovery Tour, where we identify the development needs of a particular web service and then create specific solutions.

Digital design

Digital services can be transformational, whether it’s making passive users engaged or turning potential customers into customers. We have a mobile-first mentality and we are bold about user-centricity and making sure services are seamless and accessible. It’s no secret that our agility and experimental can-do attitude help us exceed expectations.

At Druid, design and technical implementation are intertwined. Developers and designers work side by side to hammer out user-friendly solutions. Our maestros spar together and deliver high quality user interfaces.

With our flexible design process, we find functional solutions quickly and cost-effectively. We experiment with new features and ideas with rapid prototyping. When appropriate, we make sure we are doing the right things with user testing and surveys. We are happy to partner with leading design agencies with mind-blowing visuals.

We take accessibility requirements into account already at the design stage to ensure they are met in the best possible way.

We design all this:

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Design systems
  • Style guides

Software development

We avoid unnecessary technology gimmicks. Our passion is making high-performance, long-lasting and functional digital services that help our customers beat their business goals. We are no strangers to technically complex systems – we’ve got the skills and enjoy putting them to test.

Building comprehensive digital services is our bread and butter. We resolve complex technological challenges. Whether it’s solving back-end integrations, untangling mazy user journeys or enabling an enriched buying experience. This is where we shine.

We go with proven and reliable open source solutions. Our roots are strongly in Drupal. We are proud to be seen as Drupal leaders in Finland. That said, we always select technologies based on what the customer needs. We are relentless about crafting the right technology mix to best serve project goals.

We code all this:

  • Web services and applications
  • Online stores and ecommerce solutions
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Content management solutions
  • Microservices architecture
  • System integrations

Some of the technologies we use:

  • Drupal and Drupal Commerce
  • JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue
  • Symfony PHP framework

Client support and continuous development

In the world of digital services, the foundations of longevity are continuous development and support you can trust. As a technology partner we develop web services on a long-term basis to meet both user and business expectations – now and in future.


The novelty of the corona era: Remote support

Does your business need to digitize fast as your customers drift online? Does it feel overwhelming to ever get started? Let’s reel in your customers. We’ll help you get back on track in these exceptional circumstances – free of charge.

Don’t be daunted. You don’t get checkmate from major digitization at once. You need to go piece by piece. However, there are usually quick wins and now is the time for digital business development, so you can answer changing user behavior and be ready for the future.

We now have an offer of free consulting for developing e-business and tackling corona era-related challenges. We want to help companies figure out how to get started and make the right digital transitions with clear pathways to success. And a confidential conversation with us is not binding.

Spend an hour with us:

  • Problem solving
  • Summarizing technical issues
  • Outlining a project plan
  • Project tender planning

Contact us, we are happy to help! Leave a contact request or call us direct: +358 20 187 6600.