Client sup­port and con­ti­nuous de­ve­lop­ment for Drupal

Sup­port, se­cu­ri­ty and lon­ge­vi­ty for di­gi­tal ser­vi­ces

In the world of digital services, the foundations of longevity are continuous development and support you can trust. We are proactive about resolving problems and making sure that services stay current, adapt to change and continue to boost our customers’ business.

Long-lasting and deep customer relationships are the only way. As a technology partner, we consult and guide, come up with new ideas to meet changing business needs and continuously develop services for the better.

Con­tact client sup­port:
020 187 6601 (Mon to Fri from 08:00 to 17:00)

Magical Support: Your dedicated team for maintenance and growth

Our experienced Magical Support team, led by a designated service manager exclusively for your organization, is committed to delivering maintenance services and assisting with your development needs. Your personalized service manager possesses in-depth knowledge of your project and takes a proactive approach by proposing enhancement ideas.

Connecting with us is effortless. You can submit service requests through various channels, including email, Slack, JIRA, Zendesk or by calling our service hotline.

We ensure the upkeep of your Drupal website in accordance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring it remains up-to-date, secure and continually evolving. We stay current with the latest industry trends and adapt our services to comply with new laws and regulations.

We arrange regular client meetings 1-2 times a year to assess service quality, strategize further development and make necessary adjustments.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive user support and training. We offer guidance on implementing new features, such as Cookie banners and Matomo analytics.

The advantages of choosing the Magical Support team

Drupal expertise: Our team at Druid consists of specialists who have honed their skills in the Drupal system, making them exceptionally knowledgeable in all its facets.

Efficient processes: We employ standardized workflows that facilitate efficient operations. This means we can quickly scale our team or swap out experts without wasting valuable time.

Premier partnerships: We collaborate with industry-leading partners, including domestic data center service providers, guaranteeing that we collaborate with the best in the field.

Agile organization: Our streamlined hierarchy empowers our organization to swiftly identify and address issues and risks as soon as they surface.

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Our Services

Transitioning your maintenance service

When you choose Druid, the transition of your maintenance service happens smoothly and efficiently in four steps. We take care of moving your service from start to finish, ensuring uninterrupted service during and after the transition.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Technical audit of the service
  • Service transfer to Druid and verification of operations
  • Commencement of continuous service
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Druid is also your trusted partner in the following web solutions

We focus on enhancing your security, whether it’s for a new or existing Drupal site. We consider the security needs specific to your organization and its respective industry.

In addition to our primary services, we provide Matomo Analytics packages for websites, cookie management via Cookiebot and an integrated approach to publishing your social media content using Taeggie. Furthermore, we offer agile and secure web hosting solutions.

Utilizing the user-friendly Mautic platform, we seamlessly blend your marketing strategy with your digital footprint, delivering precise, streamlined and impactful marketing.