Matomo Analytics

Matomo is an open-source, GDPR-friendly web analytics software. It is suitable for businesses and organizations that value security and customizability. By choosing Matomo, you know exactly where your data is located and who is using it.

Benefits of Matomo

  • Matomo’s visitor tracking adheres to the strictest privacy standards
  • You own your data
  • Matomo can be customized and integrated according to your needs
  • Matomo is developed by a global, active community

With Matomo, you can:

  • Build analytics pipelines for your online service
  • Provide a better user experience by freeing visitors from clicking cookie banners
  • Track common analytics metrics such as page views, visitor sources, and conversions, such as form completions
  • Easily visualize reports tailored to your needs
  • Create custom dashboards for your business needs

Take full control of your web service’s analytics data and get Matomo analytics for your use.

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