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Erika Vanhala

Data-responsible Matomo Analytics

Matomo is a web and site analytics tool particularly favored by public organisations, known for its GDPR-friendly features. Matomo Analytics provides a versatile and effective solution that helps understand the efficiency of your website and the behavior of visitors. In this blog post, we explore the benefits and possibilities of Matomo analytics.

Full data ownership and privacy

One of Matomo analytics’ greatest strengths is the complete ownership it offers over collected data. Unlike many other analytics solutions, Matomo does not share your data with third parties, nor does it utilise it for marketing purposes.

By using Matomo for site analytics, you communicate to your customers that you respect their right to privacy, without the concern of compatibility with international agreements. Matomo can be used either in a GDPR-compliant cloud service or installed entirely on your own servers.

Cookie-free tracking

With Matomo analytics, you can decide whether your website uses cookies. Opting for cookie-free tracking provides a better user experience by eliminating the need for visitors to click through cookie banners.

Cookie-free tracking relies on actual website visits, and visitors cannot be profiled as returning users. However, you can still track popular pages, user actions, and on-site purchases. Matomo avoids data sampling, collecting data equally from each visitor, ensuring reliable conclusions.

Customisable reports and user-friendly interface

Matomo includes all essential metrics for evaluating your website’s effectiveness. You can easily monitor page views, visitor origins, conversions such as form submissions, and much more. Reports can be visualised according to your needs. Reporting is intuitive, making data analysis effortless.

Open source and community support

As an open-source analytics solution, Matomo is freely available and customizable to suit your needs. Additionally, Matomo boasts a global, active community providing support and continuous solution development. You automatically receive all the latest updates.

Compliance with strict data laws

Matomo analytics is designed to adhere to the strictest privacy standards, including the EU’s GDPR, the U.S. HIPAA, and the UK’s PECR. Matomo enables legal data collection while respecting user privacy.

Matomo scales according to your needs, making it a smart choice for organizations with specific data processing requirements, such as the public sector, healthcare entities, banks, and insurance companies.

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Erika Vanhala

Project Manager