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Unveiling the Transformative Internship Experience at Druid: Nurturing Support, Collaboration, and Growth

The feeling of support and safety is something that most of us seek for our entire lives. To find it as an intern in a tech company is something we would have never dared to imagine. Without all the support from Druid, the otherwise inevitable vast wasteland of mistakes would feel scary to navigate alone. Luckily for us, we also had the safety net of classmates, since Druid gave the opportunity to five of us from the same program. 

Sharing this experience with people that have the same goals and whom you have shared the experience of trying to change careers, for something they are really passionate about, has been a game changer. Having the filter of your peers has been an extremely nice asset, not only does this help us solve problems faster, but this helps immensely with the formatting of questions that will eventually be asked from senior developers. 

What surprised us the most was how well thought out the process of getting us prepared for working in a real live environment was. After getting to know the basics of how things are being handled daily, we got our first project to work on. For the sake of learning there is no better way to do it than just getting your hands dirty, enter the simulation. Our first project perfectly emulated the daily life as a Drupal developer at Druid: we had our own dailies, meetings with the Product Owner, refinement of tasks, and evaluating the time a certain task would take and all of this in a closed, no-pressure environment. All of this enabled us to start building our callouses for future endeavors, not to mention this happening under the watchful eye of really experienced professionals that were genuinely interested in us and the progress we were making. The readiness and continued support to help us with any problems or questions we had, is something that we treasure to this day. 

After we had built up some routine and knew our ways around the technologies a bit better, it was time for us to get some first-hand experience in real-life projects. Druid’s prior experience in creating a collaborative environment which helps interns develop into junior developers really started to show at this point. Since this was the first time working with client projects, the tickets we got were well refined by someone who knew how to put themselves in our shoes, this really helps with building the confidence of an individual. 

All in all the whole internship experience has been life-changing. Here’s for the first half year and hopefully many more to come. 

Yours truly,