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Client: HUS Diagnostic Center
Technologies: CMS, Website

Toimipistesovellus application streamlines the work of customer service representatives

The HUS Diagnostic Center is Finland’s leading provider of clinical laboratory and medical imaging services. It is one of HUS’s result areas and operates in eight medical specialties. The Diagnostic Center is responsible for several national specialty studies and for research and teaching associated with a university hospital, and it operates in primary health care and specialised medical care in Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso, and South Karelia.

The centralized customer service at the HUS Diagnostic Center handles a high volume of inquiries. Previously, the information needed by customer service was scattered or its updating and finding was challenging, which made customer service cumbersome.

The project aimed to standardize information maintenance practices and reduce overlapping work, such as updating the exception opening hours of locations in three languages for each location, and to ensure that changing information is smoothly updated on the hus.fi website.

To facilitate work, we decided to implement an up-to-date application that consolidates necessary information in one place, making it easily accessible,” says Juha Westerholm, Customer Service Manager of the HUS Diagnostic Center. “In addition, it was desired to automate the transmission of information to the hus.fi site, so that, for example, equipment failures or changes caused by public holidays are timely visible to customers.”

Druid was selected as the project implementer as a result of an open competition, and the collaboration started in May 2023.

Required information in one application

The multilingual Toimipistesovellus application, implemented with Drupal, gathers similar information from about 160 locations into an easily usable format and provides customer service with up-to-date information about, for example, the opening hours and available services of the locations.

The service has many internal users with different user roles. Most users utilize existing information, which is maintained by editors and superusers.

The primary goal of the application is to facilitate the work of customer service, which in turn reflects in higher quality service for our customers.”

Man working with the laptop.

“In the project, a lot of data was collected from different locations into one place, where it can be handled with uniform operational practices. Our integration interfaces enable the display of data in different HUS applications, which eases the work of customer service staff and thus also serves end customers better.”

Jesse Tikka, Project Manager, Druid Oy
Woman working with laptop and looking information of new children hospital magnetic resonance imaging

Easy update ability improves efficiency

In the Toimipistesovellus application, it is easy to update changing information. Changes can be made where the information is, and shared almost in real time with both internal teams and customers.

The application also makes it easy to update extensive data contents and make mass updates, which can be optionally emailed to a selected target group, such as a specific municipality. Updated information flows into the right channels, such as hus.fi, without many intermediaries.

“Everything has gone extremely smoothly from the first meeting. Working with the Druid team has been straightforward and easy, and the communication has been active.”

Juha Westerholm, Customer Service Manager, HUS Diagnostic Center

Smooth cooperation

Juha Westerholm appreciates that things have been understood in the same way on both sides throughout the project. The Druid team was able to adapt to unexpected challenges commendably, and overall the project progressed on schedule.

The Toimipistesovellus application was implemented in January 2024, and it has been received with satisfaction. Internal stakeholders were involved in defining the needs for the project, and the final result has met the employees’ need for an easier way to operate.

Within the organisation, the Toimipistesovellus application has been recognised as a useful tool to which additional functionalities are desired, such as internal guidelines. There is also a goal to expand its use within HUS, for example, for laboratory appointment scheduling.

Druid is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the service.