Client: Visma Solutions
Technologies: Web service

Visma Sign

An easy to use digital signature service

Visma Sign offers comprehensive digital signature services. Visma’s customers were eager to build and send electronically signed forms that meet their own business needs. We took on the task, and a few months of work resulted in the Visma Sign Forms service.

What we did


We implemented a user friendly form tool for Visma, in which their customers can create digitally signed forms. The tool was integrated into the Visma Sign service.

Filled forms are displayed on each customer’s own portal, and information on new signatures is sent to the customer via email. The client company can also integrate the form into their own website if needed.

Customers can create forms themselves from the beginning or by using the ready-made form templates available in the service. The form is built by dragging the fields and subheadings into the order the customer wants and then defining the mandatory fields.

We built the user interface with React, the background system with PHP.

“Druid was the right choice as a partner and the modern technology used enabled a good customer experience. The Druid team was self-motivated and wanted to make the Visma Sign Forms even better than originally planned.”

Antti Larvala, Product Manager