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What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is, in simple terms, a platform that integrates marketing, sales, and other organizational systems into a single platform to manage the customer experience. It combines content management and marketing automation with customer data management, resulting in a system that recognizes the customer and can hyper-personalize the customer experience at an individual level. The system allows the dismantling of internal silos by providing all stakeholders, from sales to production, with a comprehensive view of the current state of customer relationships and their predicted future.

A modern way to build a platform is to assemble it from parts, utilizing existing applications such as CRM or ERP systems, marketing automation, or content management as much as possible. If some required capabilities are missing, new components can be added to the DXP suite, including utilizing open-source solutions and Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

The system does not have to be built all at once; instead, the development path can be defined based on the organization’s needs and integrate new capabilities into the DXP system one at a time.


  • Provide a unified and personalized customer experience across all channels.
  • Streamline digital content management and updates with integrated tools and systems.
  • Develop more accurate and effective marketing strategies by leveraging information on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Enhancing customer loyalty through a high-quality customer experience can lead to increased sales.

Druid XP components

Content Management: Particularly suitable for the platform of extensive and demanding online services; search engine friendly, multilingual, responsive, and accessible; versatile tool for easy content management and distribution.

Marketing Automation: Automates marketing activities; supports customers at different stages of the purchasing path with the right content at the right time; analyzes campaigns and customer behavior; enriches customer data.

E-commerce: Adapts flexibly to specific business needs; guaranteed reliable and scalable solution; provides customers with a top-notch customer and shopping experience on all devices; product-specific purchasing pipelines.

GDPR-friendly Web Analytics: Own your data; customize and integrate as per your needs; adhere to the strictest privacy protection standards; offer a better user experience by freeing visitors from clicking on cookie banners.

Customer Data Management: Collect, combine, and manage customer data; integrate data from various sources, such as websites, mobile applications, social media, email marketing; create comprehensive and unified customer profiles.

Digital Asset Management: Manage digital assets, such as images, logos, documents, and videos; findability is enhanced by metadata and classification; integrations ensure that updated information is reflected timely in all presentation targets.

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